Sunday, July 13, 2008 Offers a “Green” and Faster-Than-FedEx Approach for Creative Talent to Show Their Work to Entertainment Industry Professionals

In my continuing quest to learn everything I can about internet marketing I’ve recently come across a couple of experts who have said: If you find a problem and then you can come up with a solution, be the first to take the solution to market.

I especially appreciated coming across this concept last week because my older daughter and her business partner just launched an internet site to solve a problem they had identified: was launched to solve the problem that entertainment industry creative talent have with the hassle and expense of mailing a reel – of a writer’s best filmed lines or a costume designer’s best wardroom creations or a musical composer’s best compositions.

At creative talent can upload their reels, resumes, credits and blog posts so that industry professionals around the world can instantaneously view the creative talent’s work. No more mailing costs or keeping one’s fingers crossed that the reel actually gets to its destination.

An added benefit – eliminating the reels that are sent out only to be dumped in the trash after viewing. is good for the environment while making life easier for creative talent as well as industry professionals who want to view someone’s reel RIGHT NOW.

This is a do-gooder business enterprise I could get behind even if it weren’t a family project.

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