Monday, July 7, 2008

New Movie WANTED: Angelina Jolie Does Not This Movie Make

Angelina Jolie is a terrific actor – and I particularly like when she plays a character whose skills are usually reserved for men in movies. Yet even she, a master assassin in the new movie WANTED, cannot save the film.

My husband and I saw it with our older daughter and her boyfriend even though my younger daughter warned us against seeing this film. The younger daughter was fully vindicated when her father reported back: “This is the worst film I’ve seen since WATERWORLD. And maybe WATERWORLD was better than WANTED.”

At least WATERWORLD had a plot. In WANTED I kept waiting for the set up to be over and to get to the main story. It turned out that the set up was the entire film. If we hadn’t paid a lot of money for the film, my husband and I would have left after 10 minutes. To sit through two hours of blood-spattered brains and flipped/crushed cars is really too painful a waste of time.

Oh, yes, and even though the British actor James McAvoy (ATONEMENT) politely held the door open for me at the William Morris Agency as we were both leaving, I have to say that his acting talent is totally wasted in WANTED. In addition, Morgan Freedman has played this same role so many times I doubt he had to memorize his lines. He probably just had to recall his lines from previous films.

Now you’ve been warned. See this film at the risk of your own wallet – and your own sanity.

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