Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bravo TV’s Project Runway Season 5 Contestants are Losers

Project Runway is a favorite television show of mine even though I don’t know anything about fashion and don’t even care about fashion. But the creativity that most contestants exhibit in each challenge is so amazing that I’m hooked on the show. (I mean, really, making an outfit out of items from a grocery store!)

Thus, after watching the first two episodes of this new season, I am really annoyed at the contestants – they are such losers. Seriously, if you got picked to be a contestant for a show’s fifth season, wouldn’t you watch every single episode of all of the four previous seasons to pick up clues to winning?

I mean, when Tim Gunn says he’s worried and advises you NOT to do something, would you really insist that you like what you’re doing and you’re going to keep doing it? For heavens sake, if you’ve watched the four previous seasons, you will have seen that, when Tim Gunn gives that warning and a contestant doesn’t follow the warning, that contestant is usually in deep muck or, more likely, OUT!

In the first episode last week, as soon as Jerry said that he was going to use a plastic tarp from the grocery store to make a rain jacket, I knew he had the best chance of going OUT (and he did). The judges are always talking about TRANSFORMING weird materials into something different. Hello, Jerry, why would you think making a raincoat out of a plastic tarp could be considered a transformation?

And in the second episode, contestant Leanne – who ended up one away from being OUT – had been told by Tim Gunn that she had too many doodads hanging off her cocktail dress. But, as she told the camera, she wanted to do it her way. And her way almost cost her the contest. (She’s lucky that someone else messed up even more than she did.)

Advice for Project Runway Season 6 contestants – who are yet to be picked and who will be the first contestants for the show’s new home at Lifetime Television – up the smart quotient on the show!

Before you audition for the show, run don’t walk to your nearest video store and study the past seasons. Basically the judges are the same – and it’s pretty clear what they like and don’t like. Take advantage of the trail of contestants before you – and learn that when Tim Gunn says he’s worried, you’d better make some changes as fast as your sewing machine can stitch together a seam.

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