Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Peter Shankman’s Offers Publicity Opportunities

Peter Shankman started a group on Facebook that outgrew the number of people allowed by Facebook. He moved his group to – and it’s a terrific do-gooder site. He collects requests from reporters looking for sources and then pushes out the requests in two or three emails a day (Monday – Friday) to people who have subscribed to his list.

Each day I read his emails before almost everyone else’s because there are often good publicity leads for me as well as other people I know. And I try to immediately reply to any appropriate opportunities because the early bird does often catch the worm. I also forward opportunities to people I know who seem to fit the reporter request.

Anyone can be on Shankman’s list. Go ahead and sign up if you’re interested. The range of reporter requests is quite wide, such as a reporter looking for a food marketing expert and another looking for a digestion expert. Oh, yes, do abide by his one rule:

By joining this list, just promise me and yourself that you'll ask yourself before you send a response: Is this response really on target? Is this response really going to help the journalist, or is this just a BS way for me to get my client in front of the reporter? If you have to think for more than three seconds, chances are, you shouldn't send the response.

And in terms of being a do-gooder, Shankman gets extra points. Here’s his philosophy:

First off, yes, it's free. It takes me a few minutes each day to do this, and the good Karma is immeasurable. So I'm not charging. If you really feel like sending me a donation or something, why not just send a few bucks to an animal hospital or animal rescue society somewhere. Some good places are Best Friends Animal Sanctuary or The National Search Dog Foundation. That’ll keep the good Karma flowing.

He clearly has a passion for what he’s doing – and his passion benefits lots of people.

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