Friday, December 12, 2008

Lt. Commander Mollie Sanders Comes to Life on the Internet

My husband Mitch and I have written two screenplays about Lt. Commander Mollie Sanders, a Navy officer who has to be smarter and better than the male Navy officers with whom she serves. And because Mollie Sanders is an electronic weapons officer, she finds herself in numerous dangerous situations.

I've been developing our two screenplays and additional story material into a proposed graphic novel series. And I wanted to make this proposed series come alive off the page.

I asked my daughter Yael Miller to create a website to present the project as part of the website solution packages Miller Mosaic LLC offers individuals and small businesses.

Visit Lt. Commander Mollie Sanders to see what a terrific website Yael created to introduce Mollie's world.

And if you know any graphic novel publishers who might be interested in this project, send them the link to this website. They might just thank you for this.

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