Saturday, September 27, 2008

Self-Publishing: Valuable Reference Book for Comparing Companies

Stacie Vander Pol, author of the new book TOP SELF PUBLISHING FIRMS, asked me to review her book for Amazon. I have just posted my five-star review there, and I wanted to mention the book here in case any of you are considering self-publishing.

There are so many self-publishing firms to choose from that it can be very hard to decide which company to use. And what I learned from Stacie's book is that, if you're not careful, instead of comparing apples to apples, you'll be comparing apples to bananas and oranges and kiwi and every other fruit that exists.

Her book's comparison chart can be an invaluable tool to a prospective author overwhelmed with choices. And her advice, particularly on the trickiness of evaluating royalties, is excellent.

If people you know are considering self-publishing, tell them about this book. They'll be glad you did.

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