Tuesday, September 16, 2008

College Applications: Announcing My First Special Report on This Subject

I coach high school students on overall planning for their college applications based on my FLIPPING BURGERS philosophy of following their passion in high school. The best time to start this overall planning is the summer before 9th grade – before their high school curriculum has been set in stone by what they take in 9th grade.

As I coached students I became more and more frustrated that students with good grades, great SAT scores and high school extracurricular activities would wait until the end of 11th grade or the beginning of 12th grade to think about college applications. At this point these students usually didn’t have anything outstanding on their college application resumes – outstanding being defined as different from other college applicants with the same grades, test scores and routine high school activities.

So I wrote a book with advice that began before 9th grade and continued through college and afterwards for help with first jobs based on the FLIPPING BURGERS philosophy of following your passion.

Publishers rejected the book because they couldn’t figure out where to categorize the book – it wasn’t just a college application book or a first jobs book – it was a system that could be used for college applications as well as first jobs.

And while I was contemplating self-publishing the book, I learned about Web 2.0 and the selling on the internet of special reports. Voila! The solution to my wanting to make this information available was at hand. I would publish on the internet special reports based on the material in my book. Students could buy the reports that they needed when they needed them.

Thus I’m happy to announce the availability of the first report – a special college application planning report called THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW AND DO TO BE AHEAD OF THE GAME OF COLLEGE APPLICATIONS.

If you know of any 8th or 9th graders or their parents and mentors for whom this advice could be helpful, tell them about this report. You may earn their undying thanks if you save them major aggravation and hassles when the student is in 11th or 12th grade.

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