Monday, September 8, 2008

First Bill Gates-Jerry Seinfeld Television Ad: Not a Winner

You heard it here first. On August 21st I posted about the proposed Microsoft ad campaign featuring Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates– see I said I couldn’t see how these proposed ads would work to make Microsoft seem more hip.

The September 8th Wall Street Journal article by Nick Wingfield and Suzanne Vranica titled “Critics Say Gates-Seinfeld Duo No Laughing Matter” had some harsh comments about the first ad in the series. (I had seen the ad a few days earlier and thought it off the wall without contributing to updating the Microsoft image.)

In the Journal article I particularly appreciated the quoted comments by Leslie Smolan, chief strategy officer at New York branding firm Carbone Smolan Agency:

Despite this attempt to be cool, the commercial does nothing to change Microsoft’s brand image. It’s big, it’s got deep pockets – certainly deep enough to buy any celebrity it wants. What it doesn’t have is creativity, the key ingredient Microsoft has always lacked.

That’s kicking Microsoft where it hurts!

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