Wednesday, August 6, 2008 Offers Free Advice on Living Trusts and Other Estate Planning Matters

I’m announcing the website, which is the first of several online information product providers that my company Miller Mosaic, LLC is launching.

Yet the truth is that this concept all started from experiences my husband Mitch the tax lawyer had with people whose estate plans were not in order when they died. We wanted to “do good” by helping others prevent putting their loved ones through these horrible experiences.

You can listen to the two free videos at to learn what the consequences can be of not having everything in the best possible legal order.

At you can also get a free copy of 4 Important Questions You Should Ask About a Living Trust. And you can leave questions for Mitch to consider answering on the site at

And as of yesterday is offering a free special report prepared by Mitch about living trusts. While the report contains some very specific info for military personnel, there’s also a lot of good overall information on living trusts and why you need a living trust besides a will. You can get that report at

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