Sunday, June 8, 2008

My Business Partner Calls Me a Scrooge

My business partner Susie and I are having a lunch/business meeting today when I tell her that I have a problem. I've had a consult with internet marketing expert Mary Pat Kavanagh (, who has told me that I need a "persona" on my social networking profiles. Kavanagh uses her dog and her love of gardening to relate to people on a personal level before they ever consider doing business with her.

"What can be my persona?" I ask Susie. "I'm allergic to gardening; I'm allergic to pets; I don't have anything interesting about me!"

"Yes, you do. You're a scrooge," Susie says. "You're always annoyed at people."

She pauses, then resumes: "You do good things for people but you're still a scrooge. Actually, that's who you are -- a do-gooder scrooge."

Voila! I've just arrived home and have signed up for a new blog. Already having two blogs helps. I know what to do this time around. And I'm giving Susie full credit for the idea for this persona. Of course, she has to "live" with this persona because we work together.

Watch it! Because I'm going to let it rip here -- my pet peeves (including people who don't take my advice), my hates (barbecuing -- don't get me started!), and people who don't respond to a business email from me asap.

Go ahead -- lay it on me. What are your pet peeves?

Leave a comment below. Let's see if yours can top mine.

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MaryPat said...

Thanks for including me in this blog post. I have a few pet peeves. In business, it is spam on my Facebook and in my email. In my home, it's a dirty kitchen. In the garden, it's when my "helpers" weed by picking the tops off and not getting the roots. In life, it's people with loud opinions who have no intention of ever doing anything about to make a change.

I think I like your business partner. But I must say that I didn't see you as a scrooge but as someone who keeps diving for the truth and won't stop till you get there.

Phyllis Zimbler Miller said...

MaryPat --

I like that concept of driving for the truth. I did start out in life as a journalist ...