Monday, April 6, 2009

Movie DUPLICITY Deserves Its Low Box Office Take

The weekend domestic movie box office was reported in Daily Variety today as it is almost every Monday. FAST AND FURIOUS on its opening weekend took in $72.5 million, which was considerably more than projected and a very good opening weekend number.

In 7th place was the Julia Roberts-Clive Owen starrer DUPLICITY, which in its third weekend took in $4.3 million for a cume of $32.4.

Unfortunately my husband and I contributed to that $4.3 million.

We had gone to the film expecting it to be a comedic spy thriller, perhaps even in the vein of the classic THE LADY VANISHES. Oh, how I wish we could have vanished back home as we both sat in the theater shaking our heads. How did this movie get a greenlight and a big budget?

In my blog post at I talk about when fictional characters are real. In the case of the movie DUPLICITY, the characters are so uninteresting that there is absolutely no risk of anyone thinking these characters are real.

And the stakes of the story? In THE LADY VANISHES the fate of the whole Allied effort might depend on the vanished lady getting safely back to England.

In DUPLICITY -- okay, I don't want to tell you to see the movie to find out the stakes. Let's just stay that it makes no difference to anyone whether Julia Roberts and Clive Owen complete their mission satisfactorily. And that's a real shame for a movie that's a comedic spy thriller.

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