Thursday, February 26, 2009

TurnOffYourTV.Com Says Let Your Signal Die

The March 2nd New Yorker has a review by Nancy Franklin of Joss Whedon's new television show DOLLHOUSE, followed by an "essay" on the push back of the change from analog to digital television.

In talking about the choices analog-set owners have to adapt to this brave new world, the article says:
There's another choice as well. Analog-set owners could follow the advice on "Let your television signal die and explore the world around you Wake up out of the TV-induced stupor and enrich your life with real experiences."
I had never heard of this movement, so I checked it out. You might also want to check out and form your own opinions.

To me, the weirdest part of the whole brave new television world is that some people are watching a show like LOST on a huge television screen and some people are watching the same show on their phones. So who's living a more two-world experience? The characters from LOST or we ourselves?

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