Friday, February 20, 2009

Buy Coffee for Our Deployed Troops

I was just in Borders and, while buying a book, I also bought a $10 bag of coffee that will go to deployed troops. I didn't understand how the bag would get to the troops. The Borders clerk told me it was a joint venture with, an organization that I support.

I went to the website and learned the story:
You can send a special message of thanks to a soldier serving far from home by purchasing a Cup of Joe for a Joe.

In more than 60 cafes overseas, Green Beans Coffee provides a welcomed moment of respite where deployed services members can relax, enjoy premium organic coffees, teas and fresh baked pastries, hear great music and for a few minutes, escape into a peaceful oasis of tranquility that brings a little bit of home with every cup of coffee served.

Your generosity, in any amount of your choosing, will help provide a much-appreciated gift of Green Beans premium coffee to a deployed armed services member. And in keeping with our commitment of service to our troops, Green Beans Coffee will contribute a portion of your purchase to charities that support soldiers and their families.

Please join Green Beans Coffee in honoring our troops. It only takes a few moments plus the spare change in your pocket to say thanks. Simply choose a purchase of any amount and we'll do the rest!
Donate any amount now to this worthwhile project.

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