Friday, October 31, 2008 Announces November Novel Writing Contest

Here's an email I got from Ivory Madison, founder and CEO of -- an author/reader website to which I belong:
Whether you’re a successful author about to miss your next book deadline, an aspiring author who’s been “meaning” to write a novel for years, or a non-writer who wants to do something crazy, have I got the month for you: November is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo)! I’m encouraging all of my friends and colleagues to join me and write a novel between November 1st and November 30th.
Can I Really Write a Novel in 30 Days?
Yes. Really. That’s all it takes—Stephen King does it. And, before I founded Red Room, I was a writing coach (named San Francisco magazine’s “Best Writing Coach” in 2005), when I realized that most people type about 1,000 words an hour and can write a first draft of a short novel of 50,000 words in about fifty hours.
But How Do I Win?
All it takes to “win” NaNoWriMo is for you to write a novel. Another way to win: We’ve added our own contest. Red Room will randomly select one NaNoWriMo winner of a one-hour coaching call with me after I personally review his or her manuscript for a few hours. I used to charge $2,000 for this, but it’s actually “priceless” since I don’t coach writers anymore. Now I only do it for good causes, like getting you to do some writing in November.
I Love Winning! How Do I Enter?
It’s easy to participate — just write a novel in November and blog about it on I look forward to finding out who’s joining me!
If you've been thinking for the longest time about writing a novel, it's time to do it! Go to and join now for free and hit those computer keys! (And if you're already an author, apply to be a Red Room author.)

And if you do write a novel in November, I hope you'll check out my new website whose launch I'll be announcing in a few days -- -- because strategic book marketing should start when the novel is finished and not when the novel is published.

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