Thursday, January 15, 2009

Operation Support Jews in the Military: My Newest Do-Gooder Project

Over the past few months I've been contemplating how I could help with the problem of a drastic shortage of Jewish chaplains in the military. I've talked to people who are interested in helping, and people who have put up obstacles to helping.

And then on December 31 I had an epiphany. I could utilize everything I've been learning about internet marketing to start a "citizens' movement" in support of Jews in the military. And as my company Miller Mosaic, LLC was already building websites for clients, we built one for this project.

Introducing Operation Support Jews in the Military. I'm not trying to raise money -- I'm trying to raise awareness of the need for the U.S. Jewish community to support Jews in the military. This support can take a variety of avenues, from inviting Jewish personnel from nearby bases to synagogue services to providing online discounts to military personnel for Jewish products such as Shabbat candlesticks.

I hope you will consider checking out this site, and then emailing the domain name to people you know who might help to get the word out. My goal is to have the U.S. Jewish community use this site as a focal point for supporting Jews in the military.

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